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Best Parking Games For Android | Overview and Features

In this article, I will compare car parking multiplayer games with other Best Parking Games for Android, including Car Parking 3D, Parking Master Multiplayer, Parking Master Multiplayer 2, and Real Parking 2. All these games are counted among the top games in the parking category, but here I will tell you about the features that make the Car Parking Multiplayer more fantastic than all other games. I will also discuss the reasons why Car Parking Multiplayer is a more amazing game than other parking games. So read the complete article to learn about the features that make this more fantastic than all other parking games.

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best parking games for android

Car Parking 3D: Online Drift

Car Parking 3D: Online Drift has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store with a 3+ rating. one of the best parking games for Android. Car Parking 3D has 4.5 stars with 89K reviews on the Play Store. Its download size is 138 MB. It was launched on July 2, 2014, by FGAMES and was last updated on April 30, 2023. Car Parking 3D is a multiplayer game with drifting features.

Garage and Modification Option:

In Car Parking 3D, there is a feature of Garage in which you can easily modify your car by changing its tires, rims, and many other things. There is the option of adjusting suspension, height and chamber.

Races Tracks:

If you and your friend want to confirm who is the best driver then this Car Parking 3D is the best game. IN Car Parking 3D, you can modify your car and also test it on new tracks. Call your friend and challenge him to show your driving skills by playing Car Parking 3D.

Multiplayer Mode:

The games with multiplayer mode are more interesting. You can also challenge your friend for an online race by using the multiplayer mode of Car Parking 3D. Multiplayer mode also offers many challenges and also free rides with opponents.

Race Tracks:

After modifying your car in the garage, test it on the new tracks of Car Parking 3D. First, understand the tracks of this game, and then play with your friend and beat him. Create your track record with 27 various cars.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2:

Parking Master Multiplayer 2 is also counted among the top parking and multiplayer games, with 5 million+ downloads. Its download size on the Play Store is about 0.98GB (980MB). Its rating is 3+, with 4.3 stars and 62K reviews. Parking Master Multiplayer 2 was released on September 23, 2022, by Spektra Games. Its current version is 1.6.4 and was last updated on September 8, 2023.

Top Features of Parking Master Multiplayer 2:

Car Trading:

One of the top features of parking master multiplayer 2 is that we can also do car trading by Buying and Selling Cars in multiplayer mode. This feature makes it more interesting for the players.


In the single-player mode of the Car Parking Multiplayer, there are many events such as the Time Trail, Parkour, and Drifts. By playing all these events you will also get rewards. Play these events and try to find secrets from the chests around the map.

Different locations in Huge Map:

You can experience the fun of driving in cities, mountains, highways, and more without leaving home. Play this game and also explore the new areas in the huge map of Car Parking 3D.

Parking Missions:

If you feel bored with multiplayer and single mode then try the parking mission feature. It is a very interesting feature, in this feature, you may experience different types of cars.

Parking Master Multiplayer:

Parking Master Multiplayer is offered by the developer Spektra Games. which one is the best parking game for Android. It was released on September 16, 2020, and last updated on May 15, 2023. Its current version is 1.7.6, and it requires Android 5.1 and up. It has about 10 million+ downloads, and its rating is 4.3 stars with 57K reviews.


There are various modes in this game, including:

  • Drift Mode: If you are a drifting lover, then play Parking Master Multiplayer, burn the tires of your car, and earn drifting points.
  • Free Drive: You can also enjoy free driving in the mountains or the city by playing this amazing game.

2 Huge Maps:

You can check your driving experience and also increase your driving skills by playing the 2 Huge Maps of Parking Mater Multiplayer.

Drive Offroad:

Parking master multiplayer has 4×4 cars that are best for an offroad drive. Many people like offroad driving, so this game has added mountains and the cars and trucks that are best for offroad driving.

Multiplayer Mode:

This game also has a multiplayer mode for a better experience than other parking games that do not have multiplayer mode because in this mode you can also play with your friends.

Real Car Parking 2: Best Parking Games For Android

The current version of Real Car Parking 2 is 0.30.1 and its download size is 290 MB. It was updated on Jan 31, 2023, and it requires OS: Android 4.4 and up. Real Car Parking was offered by TOJGAMES- Car racing games and Driving simulators with 1M+ Downloads.

Feel the engine while drifting:

Drifting in real life is full of danger because there is a chance of losing control of the car and losing control may cause accidents, so don’t try it in real life. But you can also try it in real car parking 2 because there is no chance of an accident.

Learn Traffic Signs and Rules While Having Fun:

If you are tired from playing the free drive game then follow the traffic signs and rules that will help you in becoming true patriotic. Learn something from Real Car Parking 2 when having fun.

No fundo= Parking sensor:

There are also parking sensors in the real car Parking 2 that help the players park their cars easily and complete the missions to earn money.


Many parking games do have not good graphics that people hate but Real Car Parking 2 has NEXT-GEN graphics that attract people and make the game more interesting. You will forget other simple parking games after playing Real Car Parking 2.

Parking Mania : best parking games for android

Parking Mania is a parking and street race game that will entertain you with different challenges. Parking Mania has a wide range of cars, and with the help of these cars, you can win the races easily. Parking Mania was launched on 18 Apr 2023 by Mobirate and was last updated on 29 Jun 2023. Its download size is 76.59 MB and requires an OS of Android 5.1 and up. Its current version is and it has 50K+ downloads. It has 4.4 star with 354 reviews.


Challenges are a very important part of any game because they give another level of entertainment. Parking Mania has about 100+ challenges with different degrees of difficulty. Hard challenged are made for pro players and easy challenges are made for childrens and new players in the Parking Mania.

Intuitive Controls:

In the parking mania game, there is a variety of controls that help the users to play this game easily and comfortably. If you learn the controls and do some practice then you will be able to protect yourselves from about 90% accidents. There is also a hint system in the parking mania that will help you in going right direction.

Wide Range of Vehicles:

There is a wide range of cars available in Parking Mania including compact cars, sports cars, luxury cars, and many others. You should try these cars to increase your driving and parking skills in the parking mania game.

Car Parking Multiplayer:

Car Parking Multiplayer is the best game because it has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store. All the games that I have explained have not had more than 11 million downloads, but Car Parking Multiplayer has because of its interesting features that make it user-friendly. The 5 games explained in this article have not more than 1 million reviews, but car parking multiplayer has 2 million+ reviews, and the ratio of 5 stars is also higher. After a few months or days, a new update comes to this game with new features.

Multiplayer Mode:

Many parking games have a multiplayer mode in which players can freely drive, but in car parking multiplayer, players can also freely move on the map and freely drive the vehicles. So the multiplayer mode of Car Parking Multiplayer is more amazing than other parking games.

Collection of Cars and Map:

Car Parking Multiplayer has a big collection of cars, including different luxury cars. Sports and luxury cars have very high speeds that help you win the race. Car parking multiplayer has a huge map on which we can freely move.


Car Parking Multiplayer has many missions including Taxi, Cargo, Truck driving, and parking. You can easily complete these missions and earn a lot of money and spend this money on buying luxury cars of Car Parking Multiplayer. In many other parking games, this feature is not available. This is the beauty of Many Car Parking Multiplayer.

Exchanging Cars:

In Car Parking Multiplayer, there is a feature for exchanging cars, but in other parking games, this feature is not available. In the multiplayer mode of Car Parking Multiplayer, you can give your vehicles to opponents, take their luxury cars, and also enjoy driving. This is the reason why car parking multiplayer is a more fantastic game than other parking games.


I have explained 6 Android parking games that are best to entertain you. I have deeply explained all the games with their basic information and also explained the amazing features that make these games more amazing. In 6 games the last game is Car Parking Multiplayer which is more fantastic than all other games. Try all these games and enjoy!


The most popular Android car parking game on the Play Store is the Car Parking Multiplayer, with over 100 million downloads.

Parking Mania has about 100+ challenges that more the game more interesting. 

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